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Tactical Defense Course

I: Course Price: $250

II: Course Hours: 16 hrs. of classroom and range time.

III: Course Goal: To give the student the knowledge and skills to defend themselves in various situations in the home and outside the home. This is a class with various scenarios repeated numerous times and shooting approximately 1000 rds of live ammunition. The students will be put into several stress fire situations with timed fire and the use of dummy ammunition to cause malfunctions and also low light situations. No more than two students will be taught at a time.

IV: Course


  1. Safety Rules and Range rules Presentation Commands
  2. Grip and Stance Blading to the threat
  3. Loading unloading and clearing malfunctions
  4. Holster types
  5. Drawing from concealment
  6. Shooting Positions
  7. Scanning and assessing for threats
  8. Strong and support hand shooting and injured arm reloading

Range Time:

  1. Facing the threat different distances
  2. Turning to the threat 90 & 180 degrees from target
  3. Moving towards the threat
  4. Moving away from the threat
  5. Multiple threats
  6. Strong hand and support hand shooting
  7. High Barricade Shooting
  8. Low Barricade Shooting
  9. Sitting to standing
  10. Standing to kneeling & kneeling to standing
  11. Shove and shoot exercise
  12. Body Armor Threats
  13. Hip Shooting
  14. Point Shooting
  15. Vertical Shooting
  16. Speed Shooting
  17. Accuracy shooting with and without cover
  18. Extended Range Threats
  19. Speed reloads and magazine save reloads
  20. Shoot dry reloads
  21. Low light shooting
Dummy Ammunition will be used during these courses to cause malfunctions

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