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NRA Range Safety Officer
 NRA Certified Instructor
NRA Life Member
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Firearms Background

I: FFL Dealer for 24 years

II: Will order and sell firearms at 10% over delivered cost

III: Handguns require a handgun permit issued in the county of residence or a NC Concealed Carry Permit

IV: Rifles and Shotguns require NICS background check or a NC Concealed Carry Permit

V: All appropriate sales tax will be charged

VI: All major credit cards are accepted for classes and firearms

VII: USMC Medically Retired Combat wounded Viet Nam veteran

VIII: Shooting for 46 years

IX: IPSC/USPSA shooter since 1985

X: Competed in 45 states and 5 countries

XI: Trained civilians, law enforcement and military for 35+ years

XII: Trained pilots and flight attendants since 9/11

XIII: Tactical shooting and training available

XIV: Real life training for real life situations

XV: Glock Advanced Armorer

XVI: Glock Pistol Transitional Instructor

XVII: Certified in the following:
  1. NRA Life Member
  2. NRA Instructor
  3. Chief Range Safety Officer
  4. Range Safety Officer
  5. Basic Pistol
  6. Personal Protection Outside the Home (Beginner)
  7. Personal Protection Outside the Home (Advanced)
  8. NC DoJ Concealed Carry Instructor
  9. Glock Advanced Armorer
  10. Glock Pistol Transitional Instructor
  11. Firearm Agency Instructor Degree
  12. Master Bodyguard Protection Instructor
  13. Master Firearms Instructor
  14. Law Enforcement Shooting Instructor
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