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North Carolina Concealed Carry Course

I: Course Price $ 85.00 (includes Range Fee)

II: Length: Total of 8 hrs

III: With the right to carry a concealed weapon comes a tremendous responsibility. The owner of the handgun must have complete knowledge of handgun safety, knowledge of the laws regarding use of force, and the ability to use the weapon safely and in a responsible manner. Finally, and most importantly, is the ability to use good judgment in any facet of handgun operation and use, whether in self defense, practicing the fundamentals of marksmanship, or any handling skills.

IV: Classroom: 8 hrs

  1. NC DOJ Concealed Carry Handbook
  2. Parts of NRA Basic Pistol
  3. Parts of NRA Basis of Protection Inside the Home
  4. Parts of NRA Basis of Protection Outside the Home
  5. Test
  6. Qualification

V: Range Time 1hr

  1. Items needed
    1. Rental of Handgun and Holster with 50 rounds ammo $20.00
    2. Eye and Hearing Protection is furnished at no charge
    3. Targets furnished at no charge

***NOTE*** Please Read: Obtaining CCW Permit and Reasons for Denial

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